Despite all the good, I face A harrowing, hollow ache That desires for all that I am not And a love-ability That I simply cannot be. A chilling rot in my center-chore That cripples my posture and cannot be absorbed By the warmth and light of a lover. A lover loves me for who I … Continue reading Inferiority


Not to Forget

12/26/17 In the time it takes me to find another you I hope not to forget the feeling of your warm lips on mine frantic and silly, that move to my cheek and up my face until I break with laughter and my mind loses everything we discussed. I hope not to forget the soft, … Continue reading Not to Forget

Winter Loss

December 22, 2017   Still is the cold, winter night of somber heart quakes which throbs in a turmoil unparalleled outside. The windless calm: an affirmation of solitude of solitude. Peace on Earth, but an ache within. Good will to all men, let it be insurmountable to they who lost their time and lent their ear … Continue reading Winter Loss

An Investment

The Red Panda will not admit the ache of loneliness, aware of the promise that the moment will pass. She invests the pain into love and life, fulfilling the predestined niche that is essential to her world. She comes to life at dawn and dusk to greet and dismiss the friend of existence. The friend … Continue reading An Investment

What a.

I have the most wonderful problem: An impending fear that I’ll never find anyone like my best friends, That I’ll never be able to love another person as clever and quirky as they, And that I’ll never be loved in return by someone who shares their transparent ingenuity.   What a joyful agony: To love … Continue reading What a.