Not like this.

This isn't how we wanted this to end. Not just any other day, where he'd make fun of the way my U-turns never turn out right, and where I'd think I'm funny. Honestly, we didn't want it to end at all, but I figured we would have until the holidays, where we could spend our … Continue reading Not like this.



(June 6, 2016) Stress ate away my ability to eat,And I responded with the almighty power of a hot bath, a lilac scented candle, a book by America's Favorite Poet, and a cup of hot tea. As my mind delighted through Aimless Love, my worries wandered back, and I began to think of how I … Continue reading Tea


(March 28, 2015) It was insane. She was beautiful, so freaking beautiful, It was ridiculous. Big lovely eyes... those gorgeous soft lips... that neck... that body. I knew it was wrong -she didn’t like other women. She was rightfully vain, and she knew it. She knew she was sex, embodied in the shape of the … Continue reading Vanity