My Sun and My Moon

My Sun and my Moon,

My Artemis and Apollonia,

Here, in this strangely formatted letter, is all of my love for you.

Dear lady of the night, the hunt and the mountains, with raven hair,

You have always had wisdom beyond your age. Your ready mind is a profound wonder, and is limitless when combined with your passion and resilience. In spite of the harshness of this world, your heart beats life from your sleeve. You fear no pain because you see all the lovely potential and deem them worthy of the risks of any opposition. This is how you maintain influence and honor. Please, let your dreams, courage, and wanderlust be as boundless as the night you illuminate. Let the stars be your friends.

Speaking of stars…

My beloved lady of the chariot, flames and medicine, with hair and smile like the sun,

Since I have known you, you have carried the whim of an oracle and all the logic to improve upon such myths. You are the living marriage of spirit and matter. You love and live with a fervid wildness that has, for years, been obediantly hidden beneath all that you have overcome. Please, never hide that radiance; sunlight is the brilliant and dangerous source of all life. Your dedication to your work; your commitment to improving the lives of others, is a beauty beyond my humble words.

My Artemis- the underestimated muse for my innoxia.

My Apollonia- the muse of…. well, many things.

My Artemis- the light to my night, you give me hope.

My Apollonia- the source to my orbit, you make my world go round.

My most loving, trustworthy, and dependable friends,

You have my heart. You have changed me for the better, and I am eternally grateful to have grown up by your sides. I hope you have enjoyed these puns and words of truth. You are worthy of every one, and are capable of greatness. Please, never stop the frequencies of your glorious laughter and mellifluous songs.

Forever yours,



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