(June 6, 2016)

Stress ate away my ability to eat,And I responded with the almighty power of a hot bath, a lilac scented candle, a book by America’s Favorite Poet, and a cup of hot tea.

As my mind delighted through Aimless Love, my worries wandered back, and I began to think of how I would be able to pay rent, and how to free myself from the weight that is life.

It began so, and soon, I was not reading at all,

Only running my eyes over shapes of print.

At the surprise of this realization,

The container slipped from my hand,

Plummeted into the tub,

And I had become one giant cup of tea. 

I, through the lips of time, 

Explored secret trade routs of the orient land.

And I saw myself as a nude, little sprite, 

Kiss the lips of an ancient emperor, 

And be the envied delicacy that

Would one day swim the harbor

As a protest to precede the 

First Independence Day.


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