Penny Flop

(May 12, 2017)

Penny flip; penny flop:
coining and cursing the coin toss.
Ten digits, nine at night
we ran those streets in our light.
Laughter and connection
coining an old game with a penny.
It was not just us but many
who felt our electricity
but nothing was to come, it seemed.

Two years; start/stop talk;
many miles in our time, nonstop
education, adventures, and ended romance.
Apart, we exhilarated in the world’s excellence.
Two sides of the same coin:
never to meet, but wholly alike.
I sought God, you sought celestial beauty in life.
But time grew me to challenge my place, my faith.
I can now see holiness in many things.

Heart flips; mind flops; stomach drops;
science rules, but romance rocks.
This time, do we ignore the reality of chance?
Reduce my will, logic, and ambition
in your evanescent-copper glow?
Will you break the rules for me as I break the pattern of this poem?
I’ll Cu for round two.


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