Untitled No. 1

(May 21, 2016)  An emerald thresh climbs In the vibrant hues of the earth. Spikes on spikes of spears, Each containing an ancient secret of the rings. Each ring telling stories  No man had ever heard, For they were witnessless.  And these untold secrets Climb the altitudes, Competing for light and life Against the winds … Continue reading Untitled No. 1



(June 6, 2016) Stress ate away my ability to eat,And I responded with the almighty power of a hot bath, a lilac scented candle, a book by America's Favorite Poet, and a cup of hot tea. As my mind delighted through Aimless Love, my worries wandered back, and I began to think of how I … Continue reading Tea


(March 28, 2015) It was insane. She was beautiful, so freaking beautiful, It was ridiculous. Big lovely eyes... those gorgeous soft lips... that neck... that body. I knew it was wrong -she didn’t like other women. She was rightfully vain, and she knew it. She knew she was sex, embodied in the shape of the … Continue reading Vanity