Untitled No. 2

I first saw it as a glimmer in the emerald chasm of a little eye, And later, yet again, I saw it in the fluid motions of a dancer, Whose limbs were pulled by invisible strings. From time to time, This presence visits me in various forms: Subtle, profoundly beautiful, otherworldly. Maybe not it, itself, … Continue reading Untitled No. 2


What a.

I have the most wonderful problem: An impending fear that I’ll never find anyone like my best friends, That I’ll never be able to love another person as clever and quirky as they, And that I’ll never be loved in return by someone who shares their transparent ingenuity.   What a joyful agony: To love … Continue reading What a.


(June 6, 2016) Stress ate away my ability to eat,And I responded with the almighty power of a hot bath, a lilac scented candle, a book by America's Favorite Poet, and a cup of hot tea. As my mind delighted through Aimless Love, my worries wandered back, and I began to think of how I … Continue reading Tea